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Birthdate:Jan 21
Location:California, United States of America
Note: My main journal is at (a/k/a ). It is mirrored here to Dreamwidth, and from DW to my Livejournal,

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acsac, american judaism,, austin lounge lizards, bbw, bell-lapadula, big beautiful women, big love, board games, boardgamegeek, boardgames, boardgaming, bookstores, broadway, broadway musicals, broadway showtunes,, california, california highways, caltrans, camp hess kramer, charles strouse, cheese, chk, chocolate, comden and green, common criteria, computer security, computers, cross-stiching, cy coleman, dark chocolate, dci, dim sum, dogs, drumcorps, ed kleban, falsifying statistics, family, family trees, folk music, fountain pens, freeways, friends, games, gaming, gardening, garlic, genealogy, ghc, gindling hilltop camp, gluten-free cooking, goldstar events, good tea, highway numbering, highways, history, information assurance, information security, interstate highways, ipod, itunes, jerry herman, jewish music, judaica, judaism, jule styne, kander and ebb, kristin chenoweth, kurt vonnegut, learning, los angeles, los angeles history, los angeles musical theatre, los angeles theatre, maltby and shire, maps, marx brothers, mason williams, meeting people, mel brooks, migraines, modern judaism, monk, music, musical theater, musical theatre, musicals, my wife, needlepoint, oerm, orange book, orange empire railway museum, pacific coast highway, pacific electric, palisades high school, pantages theatre, pasadena playhouse, people watching, perl, pp&m, psych, railfests, railroads, rainbow series, randy newman, reform judaism, regional theatre, ren faire, ren faires, renaissance faire, road geeking, road signs, roadgeek, roadgeeking, rodgers and hammerstein, route 66, san fernando valley, science, science fairs, science fiction, shabbat, shep cooke, show tunes, simon and garfunkel, singing, southern california, stan freberg, star trek, steven sondheim, strategy games, streetcars, subways, survivor, sushi, tcsec, tea, theatre, they might be giants, thomas guide, tom paxton, torah, torah study, trading spaces, trolleys, ucla computer club, weeds, zen driving, שלום
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